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The Magnificent Seven: Floor Plans For Every Lifestyle & Budget

It’s a time of your life that’s filled with decisions — the biggest of which is a lifestyle change in order to make the most of your retirement years. You’ve already sold your family home and moved into something smaller — maybe a couple times already. But now you’re considering a senior living community. Why?

You want people around. Neighbors and friends who enjoy the same things you do. You want opportunities for engagement and activity — on YOUR time, of course. You don’t want to have to worry anymore about household upkeep — inside or outside. Sounds like you’re ready to consider what your future would be like in a Life Plan community like Sierra Winds, where you can live independently with all the comforts you love and with the added benefit of future health care, should you ever need it.

READ ON — we’d like to give you a little more insight into potential decisions that still lie ahead of you as your idyllic senior lifestyle comes together. Here we’ll advise and guide you through specific considerations you should take into account regarding the actual residence you’ll call home. You’ve probably heard a variation of the following phrase which we’ve modified a bit to make it work for the message we’d like to leave with you: How you live has everything to do with where you live.

What Type Of Residence Will Work For You — A SELF-EVALUATION.

There are questions you need to ask yourself when considering your residence options within the senior living community you’ve chosen. At Sierra Winds, choice and selection definitely work on your behalf. Seven different floor plans (Adobe, Bella, Catalina, Durango, Enchantment, Fiesta, and Gala) from a surprisingly spacious studio to a house-sized two-bedroom apartment are available and designed to suit every lifestyle and budget. Ask yourself the following questions as you begin to consider particular residences:

  • Will one or two people be living in the residence?
  • What budgetary guidelines do you have in mind?
  • Is there a location you’d prefer within the community (near the dining areas, convenient to the swimming pool, distant from high-traffic areas, a residence with a beautiful view, etc.)?
  • Does the level or floor make a difference to you?
  • What will be your daily routine? (Will you eat all your meals in the community dining rooms or do some cooking at home? Will activities and programming keep you out and about — away from your residence — most of every day?)
  • Do you require two bedrooms/two baths? (Consider your lifestyle: Do you need extra space for personal hobbies or crafts? Will you want your visitors to stay with you?)
  • What are your storage needs? (If you’ve moved before, you probably have downsizing under control. If not, we have a valuable resource to help. One of our recent blogs presents 5 Things to Do to Make Downsizing Easier. A WORD OF ADVICE: Downsizing is nothing to be afraid of and should not keep you from pursuing the rewarding future you want for yourself.)
  • Is personal outdoor space important to you? (You will likely find that some residences have patios, others have balconies — depending on their level within the building.)

Features & Benefits Of Two Popular Floor Plans

Seeing is believing — that’s why we are taking a little more time here to walk you through two of the most popular floor plans you’ll find at Sierra Winds. (REMEMBER, there are five more floor plans you can easily view on our website!)



Beautiful & affordable
One-bedroom/one-bath apartment — 642 square feet

  • OUTDOOR BALCONY — a lovely view with coffee every morning.
  • OPEN FLOOR PLAN — plenty of space for entertaining.
  • MASTER SUITE — a large, relaxing retreat with walk-in closet and attached bath.
  • FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN — cook at home or eat out in the bistro or fine dining room.
  • BEYOND YOUR FRONT DOOR — enjoy a heated pool, fitness center, woodworking shop, arts and crafts studio, social and recreational activities, and more.



Spacious & efficient
Two-bedroom/two bath corner residence — 1,166 square feet

  • BALCONY FEATURING ADDED PRIVACY — expanded views and access from both living room & bedroom.
  • EXPANDED LIVING & DINING — for ease in entertaining.
  • MASTER SUITE & GUEST SUITE — each with a private bath.
  • GOURMET KITCHEN — with expanded countertops for party prep.
  • JUST STEPS AWAY FROM — a heated pool, fitness center, woodworking shop, arts and crafts studio, social and recreational activities, and more.

At Sierra Winds, we want you to make all the right decisions for your future, and we look forward to giving you a personal tour of all our furnished model residences. We also have additional resources — our blogs and FAQs — that will help both you and your family. One is a recent article about the rewards of making important senior living decisions as a family. To start the conversation about living at Sierra Winds, call (623) 738-2962 or contact us online.