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Top Trends in Senior Living Communities 2021

Senior woman sitting on a rock with her dog on a desert mountain

What are the Top Trends in Retirement Communities


Modern senior living communities aren’t what they once were, and that’s a good thing. They’ve evolved into true communities, instead of facilities only offering health care for the aged. Most offer an all-inclusive lifestyle for active and independent older adults. Many resemble neighborhoods, with resort-like amenities, including fine dining, travel excursions and social events. With 61 million Baby Boomers projected to retire by 2030, communities will need to continue to evolve to cater to their needs. If you’re considering senior living in Peoria, AZ, be aware of  these 10 top trends in 2021.

More location choices

Once upon a time, retirement = beach town in Florida. Nowadays, your options for senior living span the latitude and longitude of our nation. From relaxing mountain settings to heart-of-city locations, it’s easier than ever to find a retirement community to fit your tastes. You’ll find many hidden gems on the top lists of places to retire, including Peoria, Arizona. Admittedly we’re a little biased, but we think our beautiful location surrounded by mountains and rivers, with easy access to Phoenix and the Sun Cities, puts us among the best retirement communities in Peoria, Arizona.

New technologies

Seniors are using mobile devices for just about everything. With over 53% of U.S. seniors owning a smartphone, senior living communities have responded with instant access to reservations, scheduling, activity opt-ins and daily menus. Some communities now offer wearable tech for residents that tracks vitals, reminds the wearer of appointments or provides a one-touch emergency response. The kinds of online experiences and in-house tech support such as you’d find in our community are becoming more common — from virtual tours to lessons on how to use Zoom, there are new ideas to help seniors stay connected with what they love.

Designs for better living

More senior living communities are using modern design principles when planning living and gathering spaces. You’ll see more open floor plans, up-to-date kitchens and expansive windows to allow natural sunlight to brighten rooms. Communities are also enabling residents to customize their homes to their taste, with remodels, favorite paint colors and custom finishes. You’ll see a new emphasis on outdoor areas such as walking paths, courtyards and gardens planned for residents’ enjoyment.

Hospitality mindset

Residents have greater choice and control over the services and amenities they pay for and how and when they use them. This resident-first mentality also extends to the health services provided at a CCRC, or continuing care retirement community, where care is tailored specifically for individual needs.   

Gourmet dining

No more mystery meat and three squares. Communities are employing culinary teams that specialize in senior nutrition. They’re stepping up their dining options with beautifully prepared and presented cuisine, wine selections, and innovative dining experiences such as an open kitchen or chef’s table. Some also offer café or bistro venues providing healthy meals or snacks at any time of the day.  

Fitness options

Communities are catering to active seniors for whom traditional exercise programs aren’t  enough. Activity coordinators are programming fitness options such as tai chi, yoga and Pilates, adapting them for all levels of ability so more seniors can participate. Newer sports such as pickleball are also being incorporated into community activities.

On-site health care clinics

For residents’ convenience, many communities have implemented on-site health care clinics. The services span routine exams and primary care, all the way to urgent care and visiting specialists such as a podiatrist, dentist or audiologist. Whether it’s a health check or healing after a hospital stay, there’s professional medical support a short walk or elevator ride from where residents live.

Holistic wellness programs

With the trend toward holistic well-being, retirement communities are implementing programs addressing multiple dimensions of senior health: physical, emotional, intellectual, mental and more. Communities help seniors stay on track with what they need to thrive, whether it’s clubs and games to enhance mental acuity, purposeful volunteer opportunities, or social activities that build a sense of belonging.   


While many communities accept pets, some are going above and beyond to welcome these furry, four-legged family members. These include fenced off-leash areas, pet-friendly walking trails and social events that feature pets and their owners. Some communities are bringing in therapy animals or have a community pet that interacts with residents who don’t have a pet.   

Personal Growth

Forward-thinking communities recognize there’s no age limit to learning and personal growth. They’re constantly creating opportunities for residents to explore unrealized interests and untapped talent. Writing groups, art classes, college courses, performance groups — often these opportunities are initiated and led by residents, with full support of the community.

We Keep Improving 

And we’ve been setting the standard for senior living in Peoria, AZ, for over 30 years. We believe that retirement can be the most fulfilling time of a person’s life, and it’s our mission to help seniors achieve the comfort, security and independence they deserve. Learn more about the continuing innovations we provide in facilities, programs and services.