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Senior Living Options at Sierra Winds Explained

Nestled in Peoria, Arizona, Sierra Winds provides seniors with vibrant independent living and comprehensive care options.

With its picturesque surroundings and tailored contract choices, Sierra Winds offers comfort and security for residents.

Among the key decisions prospective residents face when considering Sierra Winds are the contract types available. Each contract type offers distinct advantages, ensuring that seniors can choose the option best suited to their budget, lifestyle and preferences.

Senior Living Options at Sierra Winds

Sierra Winds offers two different contract options so residents can choose the best one for them. Take a look at the options available at Sierra Winds and how they can benefit you: 

Type C Contract: Flexibility and Affordability

For most seniors, financial considerations play a significant role in the decision-making process when choosing a senior living community. The Type C contract, also known as a Fee-for-Service contract, offers a balance of affordability and flexibility.

This is the most affordable entrance fee out of all the contract types with a minimal fee required, making it an attractive option for those looking to manage their expenses. 

One of the key benefits of the Type C contract is its flexibility in accommodating changing health care needs. While residents enjoy independent living, they have the peace of mind knowing that should they require in-home health services or a higher level of care, such as skilled nursing, they can access these services seamlessly.

Should the need arise for a higher level of care in the future, the resident is responsible for covering the full market rate. But the benefit of a Type C contract is that the resident is not paying upfront for care they might not ever need in the future.

Rental Contract: Simplified Living With Options

For seniors who prefer a straightforward approach to senior living, Sierra Winds offers a rental contract option. With this contract, residents pay a community fee, but there is no entrance fee required, simplifying the financial commitment for those who may be hesitant about upfront costs.

While the monthly service fee under a rental contract may be higher compared to other contract types, residents benefit from the flexibility to budget without the burden of a large initial payment. This can be particularly appealing for individuals who prefer to allocate their resources differently or who may be uncertain about their long-term care needs.

Moreover, the rental contract offers the freedom to move to higher levels of care as needed. If the time comes when skilled nursing services are required, residents can transition smoothly, knowing they have the option to access these services at market rates without being bound by a predetermined contract.

Choosing the Right Contract for You

Ultimately, the decision between a Type C or rental contract at Sierra Winds boils down to individual preferences and priorities.

Seniors seeking affordability and flexibility may find the Type C contract to be the ideal fit, offering the freedom to customize their care while managing costs effectively.

On the other hand, those prioritizing simplicity, ease of access to care, and paying a lower price up front may gravitate toward the rental contract option.

At Sierra Winds, regardless of the contract type chosen, residents can rest assured they will receive exceptional care, a vibrant community atmosphere, and the peace of mind to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. With a range of amenities, services and care options available, Sierra Winds remains committed to providing seniors with the support they need to thrive in their golden years.

Community Life: Embracing a Vibrant Lifestyle

At Sierra Winds, residents are invited into a dynamic lifestyle that celebrates vitality, camaraderie, and holistic well-being. Bid farewell to the burdens of household chores and upkeep, and instead, step into a world where every day is filled with opportunities for joy, connection and exploration.

From the moment you set foot in Sierra Winds, you’re welcomed into a community that feels like home. Forge meaningful connections with neighbors and staff who quickly become cherished friends.

Retirement at Sierra Winds is anything but ordinary. Dive into a wealth of activities tailored to suit various interests and passions. Whether you’re drawn to resident clubs and committees or feel inspired to start your own, there’s always something new to discover and people to meet. The vibrant pulse of community life ensures that every day holds the promise of excitement and connection.

Whether you’re seeking stimulating social interactions, invigorating activities, or a renewed focus on overall wellness, Sierra Winds offers a lifestyle that empowers you to thrive and embrace each moment with enthusiasm.
Reach out to us today at 623-227-1265 to learn more about independent living at our senior community and embark on a journey towards a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

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