When Is It Time to Consider Independent Living?

When is it time for independent living?

More and more, active seniors are moving to a retirement community such as Sierra Winds. Knowing when it’s time for independent living is a personal decision, and this is borne out when we talk to residents about why they move to our community. While their timing does vary, their reasons for moving are similar. They were tired of managing chores like housekeeping and yardwork. They were looking for a flexible lifestyle where they could make new friends, come and go as they pleased, and travel without worrying about their home. They wanted reasonably priced living options for this carefree phase of life and great services and amenities to boot. Most of all, they wanted to have a plan for health care, just in case. Sound like a tall order? At Sierra Winds, they found senior living in Peoria, AZ, that gave them all this, and more.

Maybe you’ve not thought much about when it’s time for independent living. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t see a need to move into a retirement community until it’s time for services such as assisted living. They feel that moving while they’re healthy is “giving up,” or that they’ll lose control of their independence. Nothing could be further from reality at Sierra Winds.

You’ll have more free time.

When you don’t have rooms to clean, appliances to maintain or a yard to mow, you free up a whole lot of time for other things you could be doing. At Sierra Winds, we take care of household chores, laundry, dining and more. It’s full-service, maintenance-free living that gives you back precious hours in your day. Want to know exactly how many hours? Read this to find out.

You can plan more get-up-and-go moments.

Still working? Your residence can still be your home base. Not working? If you’re fully retired and itching to travel, simply lock the door of your senior apartment in Peoria, AZ, and go. Our community provides round-the-clock security, so you needn’t worry about the safety of your home, no matter how long you’re away. It’s a modern lifestyle you simply tailor to your liking.

You won’t have to mess with traffic or parking.

Even if you drive, it’s nice not to have to spend time in traffic, hunt for a parking spot, or walk to and from your vehicle in inclement weather. We provide scheduled transportation for everyday tasks like grocery shopping or medical appointments. We also reduce the distance you need to travel, with amenities such as a full-service hair salon, convenience store, and services such as an ATM on campus. You’ll save on gas and vehicle upkeep.

You don’t have to cook unless you feel like it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone prep, cook, serve and clean up for you? Our senior living community has a culinary team dedicated to preparing delicious, nutritious cuisine at every meal. Menus are refreshed regularly, so you’re never bored. And did we mention our spectacular desserts? Mmm.    

Your social life will flourish.

An indication of when it’s time for independent living may be a growing feeling of isolation or loneliness when family members move away, or as a circle of friends changes. Independent living residents are already in your peer group, about the same age, and likely share the same interests. Community social activities, clubs and classes make it easy for you to strike up a conversation, make a friend and find companionship.   

You’ll stay healthier.

Health is wealth, and a big part of staying independent as we age is tied to physical fitness. The fitness routine that worked for you 10 years ago may no longer be suitable today. Independent living communities offer fitness classes and programs tailored specifically for seniors. They focus on factors that are more critical as we age, such as maintaining bone density or reducing the risk of a fall. At Sierra Winds, a fitness center and pool are centrally located on our campus, so you need never miss a workout or therapy session.

You won’t have to wonder about the future.

A Life Plan Community provides a full continuum of senior care on campus, so it’s there if you ever need it. We offer the top-tier Life Care contract, which assures you of specialized care with little change to your monthly fee. When deciding when it’s time for independent living, residents tell us this is an important consideration that affects the rest of their family. They like that their children won’t bear the responsibility of making decisions for them in case their health changes, or worry about them in case of an emergency.

The Sierra Winds lifestyle caters to active seniors at all ages and stages of life. We’ve seen that the earlier older adults move into our community, the more they get out of the activities and amenities on campus, and they maximize their enjoyment of our maintenance-free independent lifestyle.

Every retirement community is different, with a culture shaped by the people who live there. If you’re looking for one that’s friendly and inclusive, with opportunities for fun and connection — maybe it’s time to stop wondering when it’s time for independent living. Call us today to learn more about senior living in Peoria, AZ, and the carefree independence we can offer you.

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